3 Bookish Habits I Should Probably Quit

We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
But there are some things we do that might be especially annoying or unpleasant after a while.
For today, I decided to share my top 3 bookish habits that I might need to rethink.
(Don’t worry, this is supposed to be more of a funny little list 🙂 – don’t take it too seriously)

1. Reading in front of my laptop
I usually listen to music while reading, because it helps me concentrate. To do so, I need my laptop, so I usually sit in front of it while reading. This comes with one big disadvantage: As my desk is rather small, the book will rest against the edge of the keyboard, and moving it around damages the cover. Most of my paperback books have very characteristic marks now… 😦

2. Reading 10+ books at once
Yeah… Maybe not my best decision, but when I get enthusiastic about a certain book, I have to start it. And then I find the next one, and start that, too. And then, well…
It still works that I don’t confuse the plots – don’t ask me how I manage to do that, I honestly don’t know – but it makes finishing books a bit more complicated.

3. Buying all the books
While this isn’t so bad by itself, I have a TBR pile that consists of nearly one hundred unread books as well as like twenty burrowed books that I still need to read. Yet, here I am, throwing my money out of the window and adding more and more books to it…
Well, I guess there is nothing I could do about this, some books are just too promising to not buy them 😉

This is my little list of book-related weaknesses. Do you do any of this? Or do you have different habits that you would like to get rid of?
I would love to hear about your own experiences! 🙂


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