Review: The Library at Mount Char


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“The Library at Mount Char”
Scott Hawkins
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 388
Publisher: Broadway Books
Published: March 2016
Read: December 2016

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“Are you a buddhist?“
“No. I’m an asshole. But I keep trying.“


After her family dies, Carolyn gets to live with eleven other kids in the library of Father, a strange man who has adopted them and granted them knowledge that is so powerful, it might even count as a superpower. But now, years later, Father is missing, and it can only be a matter of time, before his numerous enemies start to rise and try to take his power – or rather, the library. Carolyn and her siblings need all their strength to defend the library, before its secrets are taken by the wrong hands.
… Or maybe, this is about something entirely different.

My opinion

This book is a trainwreck. In the most wonderful way possible.
It’s not hard to admit that I expected something entirely different, and while I am sad that I did not get what I had hoped for, I still loved this book to pieces.
So, forget your expectations. This book is just brilliant.
Everyone is busy loosing their minds, until they realize they have nothing left to lose – except, well, that would be considered a major spoiler.
It’s dark and it’s weird and it’s bloody. It’s humorous and philosophical. … Have I mentioned it is bloody?

If you do not mind things getting a bit violent, love pitch-black humor and want to read something very unusual, this is a must read for you!


4,5/5 Stars



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