Review: Timekeeper


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Tara Sim
Genre: Fantasy (Steampunk)
Pages: 414
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Published: November 2016
Read: February 2017

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“So Danny let him tell his stories. He pretended to believe. But he knew better. It didn’t matter how many stories you told if you were still at fault in the end.”


Danny Hart works as a clock mechanic in an alternate Victorian London.
It is quite a special profession, and also a very important one. The mechanics are in charge of keeping the clock towers running, because damage to them means damage to time itself. A destroyed tower leads to the stopping of time within the whole city. Danny knows, for his father was trapped in such an incident three years ago and has disappeared ever since.
While Danny is still searching for a way to free his father, he gets an assignment to repair the clock tower in Enfield, and meets a mysterious boy, who happens to be the tower’s clock spirit and – well, the boy of his dreams.
But the clock towers are under attack, and very soon, more cities are being at risk of being stopped as well, including Enfield…

My opinion

What a heartwarming novel!
It really turned out to be some kind of feel-good-book for me, and I love it to pieces.

I expected Timekeeper to be filled with action and suspense, but it isn’t.
Instead, it’s a slow-paced, heartwarming tale about love and regret, that happens to also include some explosions here and there.
It’s really magical, with a detailed world and detailed main character. I especially loved the description of Danny and and how he dealt with the underlying trauma he had gone through, because it was realistic and, especially, because it wasn’t just brushed out of the way later on. His trauma was dealt with, rather than magically cured (while still containing a hopeful perspective in the end).
The other characters, however, were a bit flat in comparison, mostly for their lack of actual importance in the story, but still managed to be quite interesting.
I mean, a female auto mechanic in Victorian England? Count me in!

Except for one little detail, the story seems to be finished after this book, but I know it isn’t and I can’t wait for the sequel. However, there are no cliffhanger or important unanswered questions at the end, if you don’t like those.

So, if you would like to read a fantasy story with a gay protagonist, if you like Steampunk, and/or would like to read something more slow-paced, this is for you!


4/5 Stars



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