Me vs the Book Buying Ban

If you are a book lover, you may know the problem:
There are so many books that you want, but there is never enough money and there is never enough time.

After a while the unread books add up into a pile that fills you with both happiness (all these books still to read!) and dread (all these books still to read…).

With a TBR list that contains about 115 owned, but still unread books, I decided to not get any new books until it’s at least under 100.

And so far it is, well, not working.

Five new books later I decided to limit my book buying with a reward system. As in, you read X books and then you may buy this one book you have been wanting forever.

This worked for a while, but… yeah. I gave in. Of course I did. Who was I kidding when I thought it could work?

At least it reduced my book buying by half, if you count by cost. So far, this month I only bought 3 (a bit more expensive) books and pre-ordered another. Also, it gave me the motivation to finish some of my half-read books.

However, this is still… frustrating. As in, buying all the books is too much, of course. But strictly limiting my book buying is… killing my reading motivation. It makes me feel pressured to read and reading under pressure just isn’t fun.

So, what to do?
To be honest, I have yet to find the right balance. Or the right mindset. As in, not freaking out about the numbers of books.

I don’t even know why this is stressing me out, but then again, I’ve always been second-guessing myself too much.

How do you deal with your TBR pile? And the number of books you buy (and read)?
I would love to hear about your experience!



9 thoughts on “Me vs the Book Buying Ban

  1. If you have the money to buy books and it’s something you love then there’s no need to feel guilty!!! Lots of other girls spend tons of money on shoes, clothes, make up, etc. Your passion just happens to be books – and that’s ok! Yes, I’m an enabler.. you’re welcome! LOL

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      1. I’m thinking about too many, actually. I am trying to reduce the following list to like two or three books so it does not get too expensive. The ones I currently want are The Stars Never Rise, Rebel Belle, Hold Back The Stars as well as also Starflight and The Hate U Give, haha.
        And deciding is so hard… Bookworm problems 🙂

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  2. I am pretty bad about not buying books ALL THE TIME 😂I have been a bit better lately (as in the last few weeks haha) and only buying books that I’ve really been wanting/part of the series I’m currently reading. But as soon as I check Book Outlet and find a book I’ve been wanting for a great price, my book ban goes out the window! I applaud you for trying to come up with a system to keep your buying in check but it’s hard for us bookworms to not buy all the books!

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    1. You know, I’ve been trying all the things. Not buying anything except sequels, only buying a set number of books per month, and so on but… well. As I want to try out new genres, I can’t withstand cheaper books that sound promising, while there are also the more expensive ones that I really want… But I am a hopeless bookhoarding person, it seems. Maybe I should have become a dragon 😉
      At least by now I always check whether my local library has a copy of the book I want first. Unfortunately, it rarely does.
      Anyway, good luck with your own book buying!

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      1. Thank you, best of luck to you too! I really should get better about utilising the library (there’s one a few minutes away from my apartment!) but it’s so hard when I want to keep all the books I read 🙈

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  3. I honestly don’t buy that many books so I don’t have that problem. But I still struggle with an enormous (virtual) TBR! I have found no solution so far hahaha I just try to see whether the book I’m choosing to put in it will be worth my while or not, but I fail every time 😛
    Best of luck and I hope you find a method that works for you!

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  4. I used to feel guilty whenever I buy so many books. There was a year in my life when I limited myself into one book a month but I couldn’t last a year and went back to book hauling. Luckily, I found groups on Facebook exclusively for those residing in my country where book addicts buy, sell and swap books so instead of buying brand new ones, I now buy mostly secondhand books. You couldn’t even tell their difference with brand new ones. Sometimes, I go for swapping too when I’m done with a book without any intention of rereading it. I also sell my other books I rated three stars and below as I clearly wouldn’t want to be reading them again. Maybe you could start your own group of book lovers and do the same? I’m also subscribed to our national book store so I get to be updated with sale and stuff. Last month, there was a summer sale at our local stores and I got five hardbacks for half their prices.

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